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The Magical World of Harry Potter Toys

The Magical World of Harry Potter Toys

Written by Chloe Alice Wilson

The world of Harry Potter goes far beyond the gates of Hogwarts Castle. After following Harry and his friends adventures, you can continue them with Harry Potter toys and games.

The movies and books have generated a huge line of items. The sales volume of this brand well exceeds thirty billion dollars. Through toys, games, apparel and other items, the Harry Potter brand is huge.

No matter which is your favorite book or movie, there are plenty of branded items for sale for everyone who loves the characters. The games and toys are suitable for most age groups.

As your child grows older, you can be sure to find toys appropriate for their age. There are many of the characters from the books and movies available as action figures. These are great to collect or just play with.

The Lego Company has produced a Harry Potter Lego series. For those who love to build, the Lego sets are necessary. They are based on the movies and you can buy the Lego Final Challenge, with sixty building pieces, the Flying Lesson for the Quidditch lover, and the Sorting Hat is a fun set as well.

The prices of these sets depend on the amount of pieces and can run from $39 to $89. The ultimate Lego set is Hogwarts Castle. This set has over 943 pieces and many of the characters. You can add on to the set with other packages. The Castle can be bought for over $500. To complete the scene, you can also purchase the Hogwarts Express train.

There are many games based on the Harry Potter theme. Video games for the computer and for all of the gaming systems, will lead you to a whole other world of wizards. Board games are a great way for family fun.

You can buy a Clue type game, a Trivia and Mystery at Hogwarts game – all have been enjoyed by the many that have played them. In addition to the action figures, you can buy other toys as well. There are trading cards, jigsaw puzzles for different age groups and those soft plush toys.

No event is complete without a Harry Potter costume. You can get Harry, Hermione, or Dumbledore costumes complete with wands, robes, and glasses. These are great for Halloween or a Potter party. You can also buy wizard robes, wands, and Harry Potter glasses that are sold separately.

There are many different clothing items available. You can buy t-shirts, robes, pajamas and other items based on the Houses of Hogwarts. You can sport a Gryffindor tie, a Slytherin Robe, or a Hufflepuff scarf. Do not forget your Quidditch broom and robe so you can play the high-speed game like Harry.

The most important item to have is of course the wizard wand. These are great collector items and there are many to choose from. Most of the wands are based on the actual wands seen in the movies. You can buy Ron’s, Harry’s and other character wands for around $29. You can also find great wands to play with. Most will light as you wave the wand to perform your magic.

The world of Harry Potter is right at your fingertips. You can relive your favorite movies and part of the books through the toys, games, and costumes.

Chloe Alice Wilson is the founder of Son Time Now – a boys toys blog that reviews popular toys including Harry Potter Cluedo and Ben 10 Lego.

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